Blaster Wars: Heroes Rise!

Nerf-inspired party fun for little or big kids!

We offer three different nerf wars style parties (Note we are not officially affiliated with Hasbro, but we do use Nerf blasters in our events).

All events are 90 minutes and suitable for up to 20 players

Grab your blaster, put on your goggles and get ready for nerf wars as you battle in our games around obstacles, with soft play, bouncy castles and more!  All blasters, darts, goggles etc are provided.

Little Blasters - for ages 5-10 - Price £179

Less structured for little ones, we offer free play on our superheroes themed soft play, heroes ball pool, and heroes bouncy castle.

We also have smaller target walls for some blaster fun!

Teen Blasters - for ages 11-16 - Price £200

A more structured party with lots of obstacles and team games - and all out warfare! includes bouncy castle.

Big Bad Blasters - for ages 16+ to adults - Price £250

Grown ups can play too! Includes various obstacles, larg target wall, small target wall and football shoot out changeover